Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner Gone Wrong........ Again!

To my dearest Apron Goddesses~

As a right of passage we must all burn something when cooking or baking.

It appears (Julia and family as my witness) that I burn something fairly regularly. It is always the veggies. ALWAYS.

Sadly, I get distracted and forget all about them.....until I smell something or a family member complains that something smells like it's burning.

Well tonight, my dear Goddesses, I donned my apron and started dinner. Much to my dismay I burned the broccoli.

Again with the distractions......boys arguing, cousins running in and out of the kitchen, talking with the husband, trying to understand why my hood light and refrigerator are not working, etc. It never ends and neither will my burning of the veggies.

See the blackened pan? My boys were relieved, they really didn't want to eat broccoli tonight. Honestly, neither did I. We had sliced avocado instead.

So Apron Goddesses, wear your aprons proudly as you burn your veggies!

Until next time, happy baking or cooking.

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Julia said...

Oh I just love that burnt pot... ;) It brings a smile to my face thinking of all the artichokes you have tortured by burning in the past. Thanks for the comic relief this evening.

hummer said...

My son would say Yeah!'
My daughter calls her burnt pots...'Burnt Offerings'
You have a great sense of humor.

Miss Dot said...

I second the boys' sentiments -- broccoli is icky :-P That stuff creeps me out. My husband thinks it's just fine but I eye it with suspicion. Honestly, my favorite veggies are green beans.

Karen said...

I'll bet that was stinky! I have never eaten avocado. Do your kids like it?

siteseer said...

My last black pot was brussel sprouts. And yes, the house stunk!!

theUngourmet said...

I always wear my apron when I burn my veggies! :)