Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charlie Sheen in an Apron

Ever watch Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer? No? Really? Well what are you waiting for? It is hilarious! Charlie Sheen (Charlie) plays an alcoholic womanizer while Jon Cryer (Alan) plays his divorced brother whose ex-wife bleeds him dry financially. Alan does have morals, but is a bit awkward and geeky as well as a mooch (financially speaking). Together they share a condo in Malibu (that belongs to Charlie) and care for Alan's son. Great show, very comical.

I especially love that the writers have incorporated aprons into the show. I love the roosters on Charlie's apron as he appears to be cooking. And Alan's Santa apron with his Santa hat are great. It's nice to know that "Real Men" aren't afraid to wear an apron.......even if it means they only wear it when in character.

If you haven't seen it go to CBS and find out when it is on in your area.

2 Goddesses Have Spoken:

janet said...

I got tired of my hubby ruining his shirts with eating mishaps, so I made him a cool denim apron. He objected at first, but then realized how wonderful aprons are at protecting your clothes. Now he automatically reaches for his apron at dinner time, especially when he eats in front of the TV.

Genny said...

That is too funny. And the prints on the aprons make it even more hilarious!