Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Great Cake Assault - Part II

Consider yourselves warned!
Content not suitable for young viewers.
The Great Cake Assault is back with a vengeance.
Hide your baked goods!

He is seen here taking vengeance on a poor, defenseless cake by injecting it with what looks like tequila. Let's hope it's tequila... It seems as though the assailant has put a strangle hold on the cake, but prepared for a struggle considering he had enough foresight to put on an apron.

Note the psychotic glare in his eye as he attacks "the victim." Is this the steely glare of a deranged cake killer or a mad scientist. Dr. Frankencupcake or Dr. Cakenstein? I don't even know any more. But it is shameless.

Hmmmm on second hand.....maybe not a bad idea. Cake? Tequila? Might make for a good combo and an evening full of fun. Maybe I should invite him to my next cupcake baking event.

Under the auspices of having a good time, maybe we should all start baking something RIGHT NOW to see if this guy will show up and give our baked goods the proper treatment with his syringe.

Don't forget to put on your apron first though.

10 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Farmgirl Paints said...

Thanks for your comments this morning. Saving money isn't always fun is it?! Takes a while to get used to.

That cake looked like fun. I love cake...it's my favorite food:)

mrsb said...

This post had me giggling on so many levels, lol! It sounded just a biiiit naughty!

Suzi said...

I got a good laugh this morning after seeing it posted. A good way to start the day, a laugh and a smile.

Julia said...

This is almost funnier reading it for the second time for me.

And here at the Apron Goddesses we have to push the line occasionally in the spirit of funny.

Little Miss Baker said...

ohhh dangerous!! that looks so fun though!! I should try that out one day hehe

Rebecca said...

I LOVE what you come up with!! I've made White Russian cupcakes with Kahlua in them - yum!!! Made sure those were for the adults only, though! Ohhh, I also have a Bailey's Chocolate Mousse recipe that mades an EXCELLENT cake filling!! But... I've never injected a cake directly with booze! Weird! But could be really yummy!!! : )

the ungourmet said...

Somebody stop that madman!

San-Dee said...

I think we need to sample that cake to make sure it's still okay after its "shot"

Grand Pooba said...

Now there's an idea!

Sara said...

This is an assault worthy of a second look. Yep, everything looks nomulous! Serve me up!