Friday, July 24, 2009

Grandmother's Aprons are Cherished and Worn!

Wanting to win an apron, Gramee sent in a few photos of her daughter showing off Grandmother's apron for extra credit.

She wrote,"This was my grandmothers apron. I have a couple of aprons of my grandmothers. This is the most unique and interesting. Also, this is my oldest daughter being my apron model!"

Gramme also wrote that unfortunately, "She (her grandmother) is in a care center with Alzheimer's. We hope we will have her around for a few more years."

Here is a close up with some further details of the patches of fabric that were used to construct this apron. The wrap around style ties in the back but there is no part of your front that would become splattered with this great coverage.

Gramee invites those who come for a visit to, "Come sit on my porch," at her blog called appropriately Gramee's Portch.

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

the ungourmet said...

It's very nice to meet you Gramee! What a neat apron design!

Emalee said...

WOW it was cool to see my mom featured....and my sisters picture! LOL

T. said...

I remember we had aprons just like this growing up, whenever I had to put them on as a kid (born in 78) I was always confused as how to put them on, so kudos for putting it on correctly lol!