Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mooove Over Apron Goddesses!!!

All past apron goddesses need to moooove out of the way since this Apron Goddess is wearing a Julia-Holstein Special! Yes, I made this apron for Sara at the Handy Hooker and she in turn gave it to her friend Debbie, pictured here.

Sara wrote, "Here is Debbie feeding one of her Holstein feeder calves in the apron you made."

Debbie said, "Everyone should wear an apron to feed calves!"

Sara explained, "Debbie is a Quaker, married to a farmer and has two grown kids, two grandsons, two golden retrievers, and ever changing number of Holsteins on the farm. She is quirky, fun and loves to laugh. Her and I have been friends since 1996 and I just love her to pieces.

Oh and Debbie assures me she is wearing shorts under the apron. Her husband, R.B., suggested the shirt, but he forgot to mention that the shorts were hidden when he took the picture. Debbie says the length of the apron is perfect for her after church meal preparation, since it covers the skirt completely."

Well that about sums it up! Now I know that there are three of my trademark Holstein Cow Aprons being worn out there by: Me, Pooba and Debbie! How cool is that?