Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can You Say SOMEONE is a Winner???

Random drawing being what they are I have run the number for the Sugar Pie Chic apron which is A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! Annnnnnndddddddd..... the winner is number 22!

Trippy Momma at Is it Naptime Yet?

Seeing as she is the mom of two with one more on the way I know she will find ample use for this apron. Messes are in her forecast!

So this apron from Sugar Pie Chic has a new home in it's future!

I want to sincerely thank owner Leslie for her generous sponsorship of this giveaway.

And if you did not win an apron you can always sign up for the current giveaway OR GO SHOPPING at one of our wonderful sponsors sites!!

Hint, hint.

Lets all do our part to stimulate the American economy by purchasing from our own craftswomen!

4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Trippy Momma said...

Yay me :) I always enter blog give aways... lol but never win! I guess i can't say that now.

Trippy Momma said...

I'm not sure if i left my email before or not... it's toastysouls@yahoo.com

the ungourmet said...

Congrats to Trippy Momma! That apron is darling!

Jennifer said...

Congrats, Trippy Momma ... have fun with your new apron!