Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch Out! Apron Goddess Gena's in the Kitchen

Enter the giveaway from Over The Top Aprons HERE.

Hey TAG ladies. Today brings us Apron Goddesses, Gena and her mom, Sherry, from We Are Family where they review products and get into trouble with their adventures in life.

Gena sent us this picture since she said, and I quote, "Okay, so now I am ready to kill for this apron (she was referring to the red sweetheart apron)...just kiddin' so don't call the cops..." I was sorry that she did not win the giveaway, since now I am probably on her hit list. Maybe I need to start cooking the books...ha ha not really.

My first comment to Gena was, "You look like you could do some serious damage with that there frying pan!"

Her response was, "Hmmmm I am married now, but at the time I may have been showing my fiancée who was boss."

Well, I bet there's no doubt who wears the pants in her family... Gena's wearing a cute bistro style apron here and paired it perfectly with her wide leg pants and short sleeved blouse. Let's give it up for Gena, another serious Apron Goddess.