Thursday, February 5, 2009

Apron Goddess Aisha

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Today I would like to present Aisha, an Apron Goddess who is new in the United States.

Aisha revealed, "I am from the Philippines and I've been here in the US for 5 months now. Steven and I were separated for a year after getting married in the Philippines because of my visa. So I am just really learning on being a wife to him. My most favorite part of being a wife is cooking and baking. I feel really fulfilled when I get to do those for him. LOL!"

I'm thinking in a few more years and maybe with a kid or two, Aisha might not be quite so gun-ho in the kitchen. Well see. For now I really appreciate her enthusiasm, honesty, and sincerity. Then most of all her apron wearing attitude!!!!!

Aisha runs four amazing blogs, while I have trouble keeping up with just two. Her sites are called The Holly Herald, I'm In Culture Shock, Scenic Sunday, and Aisha's Memorabilia.

That she is busy bloggin' is undeniable. I was blown away by the header picture on Scenic Sunday. Simply stated, it is spectacular. I love nature and incredible photos like she postings. You can join her and sign up with Mr. Linky and post your own "scenic" pictures too.

Aisha says, "Here are photos of me in my apron. This was a Christmas gift to me from a good friend. Ever since I saw your sight I got more interested in aprons. I am planning to make my own."

Thanks for sharing your photos Aisha! You have an Apron Goddess in you.

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Aisha said...

LOL! Thanks for featuring me!

Grand Pooba said...

Aisha is so cute! Welcome to the US!

You Goddess you!

Modern Day Housewife said...

Welcome Aisha! :)
Aprons are so practical. So glad you are helping to bring them back! I wear one all the time, especially when we have dinner parties because usually I am dressed nice while still putting together dinner. Great blog! :)

jewelstreet said...

You look lovely in your beautiful kitchen, Aisha! Welcome to the US!

Aisha said...

Thank you, ladies! :) You guys made me smile.