Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chef Bliss is an Apron Goddess

Enter the current Giveaway from Dorothy's Aprons Here.

Tiersa is our featured Apron Goddess and is truly a goddess of cooking at her blog Chef Bliss where she writes about everything "kitchen." She has provided a whopping FOUR apron pictures for this feature. Fortunately, we have a play by play explanation for each of these aprons, since I could not make up a story for each. I'm good but not that good... Thanks T!

1. My Nordstrom apron was given to me by my college roommate in 1986. She worked at Nordstrom and we used to save our money to buy special things. She was so proud of this gift...but it doesn't quite cover in all the right places so I don't wear it often.

2. My lovely plastic thing was given to me by my mother in 1985. I think I need to donate it. But it's great for working around wet stuff.

3. My lovely embroidered Heineken apron was another Christmas gift, from my brother in 1983, doesn't fit well but it does have a handy pocket, which none of the others do. But do I really want Goodwill selling an apron with my name on it?

4. My favorite, the cat, I got for my tenth birthday in 1975, along with a cookbook, a recipe card box (with matching cards of course), and a very cute measuring spoon set. And yes, it says "bite they little headies off, and nibble on they tiny feet." I keep it for many reasons.

"Thanks for letting me share my funny and sad aprons!!"-Tiersa

Indeed! We need to thank you for providing such a history for each apron in your collection. Nice story and you told it well.

Tiersa also indicated, "I am a firm believer that we bring things into our lives when we need them. I am having a blast with my blogs and I have been dreaming of a new apron since Christmas and have moved it to the top of my wish list. And then I found you! I have always wanted a new apron, but have never found one I really truly loved and I always felt bad buying a new one since I have 4 -- even though I can't wear them! There always seemed to be something I needed more than an another apron. I think often of the apron I would love to wear, the color I want it to be, how I want it to fit. It's a little thing, but oh so fun! I think it's time."

Be sure to check her out at Chef Bliss for recipes and a lot more...

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Mountain Woman said...

Loved all the aprons but especially the Heineken one. Tiersa, I totally agree with your philosophy about life. Thanks for sharing the photos.

ChefBliss.com said...

Mountain Woman, thanks! And Julia, you are so kind!! When we were taking these pictures late one night I never expected them to be in the spotlight but honestly, I am just going to enjoy it....Thanks for my moment in the spotlight!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Love the cat apron. That's very cute!!

Grand Pooba said...

Tiersa, there's nothing you need more than a fab apron! Just endulge and get yourself the one you've always wanted!

siteseer said...

I just love you blog and seeing all the aprons. Thanks

Cascia said...

This is my first time here. You have a beautiful blog! I love all the aprons. Have you ever visited the Apron Queen blog?