Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cute Boys in Aprons! Boys can wear aprons too!

It's so cool that Moms feel free to get their boys in the kitchen these days! And I know that my boy loves it too so this phenomenon is not unique.

These two little guys in their awesome boy aprons are Suzanne's sons. She blogs at Midwestern Gone Idahoan. Give her a shout and say Hi!

Suzanne said, "Here are my boys in their aprons!! They are WONDERFUL helpers (I use that word loosely!!) But all the kids (I have 5 of them!) are wonderful helpers in the kitchen!! My three year old LOVES to dump the baking powder ALL over the floor for some reason!! I always think that I have it up high enough, but he gets it every time!!!! My 11 year old daughter is a GREAT cook!! She made biscuits from scratch yesterday - I just handed her the recipe while I worked with the rest of dinner and the baby!! She did great!!"

Thanks for your photo Suzanne! I love seeing little helpers just like this.

Enjoy Apron Goddesses!

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2 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Pam said...

Great photo with those adorable boys and aprons! Very cute and I love all the aprons on your page! It sounds like there are a lot of good cooks in the making!

Grand Pooba said...

That's it, I'm getting my nephs some aprons!