Monday, December 7, 2009

Mary Shows Her Florida Inspired Flamingo Apron

Good Day Apron Goddesses!! I have an apron-ogrpahy from Mary today as she sent in a picture of her lovely Flamingo apron for us to see.

Mary belongs to an Apron Club at her local quilt shop where they meet once a month and share stories about memories of growing up.

She said, "Some of us have aprons our Mom's wore. We show patterns and (have) challenges to make aprons. This flamingo apron was made because of my mom. She lived in Florida, and we sent each other Flamingo's a lot."

Mary explained further that the flamingos would show up in some odd places. They would appear at friends houses as gifts to be given to her (from her mom). One even appeared at a hotel, waiting at the front desk for Mary. This flamingo apron was born from this flamingo "gift exchange." Mary and her apron group submitted this apron to Stampington, for the "Apronology", edition too!

Our Flamingo Hostess said, "I Love to sew, and quilt. I love old linens and all things feminine. I am 63 so remember a lot of things from the kitchen. I still wear a very much used apron. I loved to be with my Grandmother in the kitchen. She came from Hungary. I love to make a lot of the recipes she brought with her."

Thank you Mary for your wonderful story about this apron. I can just imagine showing up somewhere and there being a flamingo waiting form me and busting in to laughter. Your mom has a great sense of humor!

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Miss Dot said...

A flamingo apron!

Could it get any better??

Mary -- you look fabulous!! Thanks for sharing your spectacular sense of kitchen style ;)

theUngourmet said...

I really enjoyed reading Mary's apron story. The flamingo apron is darling! :D

San-Dee said...

OMG I am so jealous. The flamingo is one of my all time favorites!! As we speak, Eric and Ericka are out front greeting people who come up the walk, and Hansel and Gretel are in the back yard. (I name my plastic buddies in the yard...) I love the apron!! wear it with pride and joy!

hummer said...

That is one cute apron. I love aprons, so glad I found your blog.

marion said...

I accidently found your blog and I realised I love my aprons although they are boring. But I think I get enough inspiration to make myself a nice one instead of buying one.
I love the palmtree.