Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crazy Beautiful Shopping Bags by Retro Revival!

If you have not been over to Retro Revival yet, I wanted to show you a couple of the grocery bags that are available in addition to the wonderful aprons. When I first looked at the site, I noticed these bags immediately since the many different vintage reproduction fabrics are eye catching.

I have a fleet of reusable grocery bags that I carry to every store and if I forget them I often forgo the plastic or paper bags if possible. I estimate that I used to acquire 7 bags a week (combined paper and plastic) and through the use of my REUSABLE fleet I have eliminated the need for over 400 bags per year which would end up in the land fill.

So, seeing the stunning bags that Cindy, owner of Retro Revival, crafts, I wanted to see just what they were about. I was not disappointed. Neither was my daughter Ella.

When I opened my package I discovered that these Vintage Fabric Totes are lined most expertly with attention to detail that I did not think was possible. The fact that they are beautiful seemed to be secondary. This is the bright red roses vintage fabric tote with green gingham lining.

And the bright pink roses vintage fabric tote print with pink lining.

And taking them to the grocery store for a test run was totally successful and I almost want to throw out all my cruddy other reusable bags and buy some more like these, but I am too practical for that. I will use the others until they disintegrate. *sigh* But when they do fall to pieces I want more beauties like these.

These fabric bags hold a volume a bit larger than your average brown paper grocery bag. And at $15.00 per bag are a GREAT value for the money. I have seen comparable bags without lining sell for double this price. Don't tell Retro Revival though...

I think these would be a great way to wrap a gift you are planning to give for Christmas. Or you could buy some vintage totes for your own shopping bags. Or just get one to look at. They are just that pretty!!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Persuaded said...

Oh no!! Something else to want! These are gorgeous... I adore adore adore the fabrics. I might actually remember to use my reusable shopping bags if I had something this lovely. You see, I am a very shallow person and I admit that my motivation for using cloth bags stems more from aesthetics than from a desire to be environmentally responsible. But I am thoughtful enough to be ashamed of that fact.. does that redeem me at all? ;)

Anonymous said...

My goodness I must have been away from the blogosphere for an enternity because Ella looks like she has just grown! What happened? What did I miss? That's all I wanted to say.
Oh...and hopefully I can begin to make my continous rounds once again!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok Ella is getting cuter and cuter each time I see her! What a great model! I love the totes!

Miss Dot said...

How chic! I love reusable grocery bags! Your daughter Ella is so cute, too. She looks as though she could fit in one of those bags herself!! :)


I love these bags..beautiful prints

theUngourmet said...

Those are so pretty! I'd be afraid to get them dirty though! I love the coordinating checked fabric inside.