Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Just Rolling With Another Great Christmas Idea

Hi Ya'll,

With the baking that is about to commence around our parts for cookie exchanges and holiday meals, I wanted to suggest another gift you may consider for any Apron Goddess that you know.

It's hefty, it rolls and it can be used in an armed robbery but is instrumental in the kitchen when trying to flatten the competition.

What is this implement of destruction you say?

No, it is not a steam roller, but good guess.

Next guess???

I give, it's a rolling pin. But not your average rolling pin. It's a marble rolling pin like this one pictured below. This is my handy and dandy marble rolling pin that I have really come to love as a kitchen appliance.

This little lady works wonders on roll out type cookies with the extra weight she carries. And when you put her in the freezer for a half hour before using, the results are even better as the cold marble keeps the dough cold in addition to expertly flattening it. The last great thing is that this rolling pin has minimal sticking, since the slick surface deflects those errant particles of dough! I can say it, "I love my marble rolling pin."

At a price ranging between 12 and 22 dollars you can find one of these to fit in your budget! And a rolling pin paired with an apron would be a great gift for someone you love!!

Now, to see what I have made with this rolling pin you will have to check back later at the cookie exchange that will be hosted here on December 17th.

Get rolling ladies!!

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Sara said...

I need a rolling pin! Great suggestion! Going on my wish list.

Suzi said...

I may just have to get myself one when I get your gift!

theUngourmet said...

I have my grandmothers rolling pin and I love it but it doesn't work quite as well as the marble ones do.

Looking forward to the cookie exchange. I have it marked on my calendar. :D