Friday, August 27, 2010

Back To School Sale on The Bingo Book!

Hey Ladies, in celebration of back-to-school I am having a SALE on both the hard back and soft back copies of Bingo's Big Adventure. This is a children's book which can proudly say I wrote and published.

I know many of you have children to whom you read, so this slight diversion from aprons may be just the thing for this time of year.

For hardback books the price is currently reduced from the list price by $2.00 and the softback book by $1.00. As Bingo's Big Adventure is already competitively priced that brings the cost down to $13.99 for a hardback and $7.99 for a soft back.

Inside this colorful story of a curious cat you can find an action adventure for your kids. This book is suitable for ages 3 to 8 . . . and adults have been buying it for them selves too.

Apparently, it is making a great addition to coffee tables. Within the pages of Bingo's Big Adventure, there are great photos and a lively story line which introduces NEW words to children.

Bingo said during his last post, ". . . if you want your kids to learn new words, let them hang out with me. If you need some background, there is an excellent study explaining the importance of new words to kids HERE.

Bingo continued to explain, "While I appear casual and relaxed for my daily grooming, I am really thinking of new words that should be introduced to children. I want kids to have a BIG vocabulary. It makes their minds grow!"

Then he thought, "I guess I should have been wearing an apron for this post... Drat. Next time I will ask for a cat sized apron."

"As I lay between the corn rows contemplating what new words I could use, I realize that it was not long ago that I was taller than the corn . . . but I digress."

Then Bingo was heard to say, "I was thinking about what vocabulary enriching text I could use in my next book . . . Hmmmm."

Then going off on a tangent Bingo explained, "I think kids get bored after a while with the same "ole" word set. For most kids my book will seamlessly merge into the family library. For other kids who are not quite ready for my word empowerment, then the adult humans should wait until those kids are a little bigger before letting them dig into my thoughts!

So with all things, parents are crucial in implementing a reading program that broadens children's exposure to new words. If you want your kids to grow their minds, read books like Bingo's Big Adventure to them! It will make reading a treat and expand their vocabulary at the same time.

And remember your purchase supports a women owned business and independent author and publisher. If nothing else check it out and spread the word.


Bye for now Apron Goddesses.

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janet said...

Bingo is a very attractive cat!