Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apron God and Goddess: Yes it's a Matched Pair

Good Morning Apron Goddesses! Here's a treat today...it's an apron-ography from a husband and wife with matching aprons. And with the rapidly approaching holiday season this may give you some ideas for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Matching husband and wife aprons anyone?? I am seeing some potential in my own home....

Ellen wrote, "My husband and I live about 400 miles away from my family, and Hubby's family is typically out of the country. We're always traveling for Christmas and we have a busy fall due to college football season. So several years ago we decided we'd just do Thanksgiving at our place with our kids. Whoever shows up eats with us. One time we got Chinese food with Hubby's parents. The year after we first hosted Hubby's parents and brother for traditional Thanksgiving they gave us these matching aprons for Christmas.

The year of this photo my mom came up, and at the last moment we hosted an Indian couple from my husband's work. Plus our then 1-year-old.

Although it's all but impossible to avoid the holiday shuffle, trying to see all parents, siblings, step-siblings, cousins, etc, we've gotten back a bit of the season by declaring we're staying home for Thanksgiving!"

Ellen blogs over at Stuff Growing. Please give her a holler and say good morning. Every body likes to have some comment love.

Thank you Ellen for sharing your photo and story!

Thank you Ellen for sharing your story.