Friday, May 7, 2010

Spotlight: A Beautiful "Green" Apron

Happy Friday Apron Goddesses Everywhere!!

It's Julia here, and I'd like to spotlight a beautiful apron creation that was made by using recycled materials. This darling apron was made by Janet over at The Empty Nest, and she created it by hand using fabrics and materials which had a former life doing something else. . . Can you believe it?

Janet said, "My 'new' apron is almost entirely fashioned from 'old' fabric. I bought the white cotton linen skirt ages ago at my Salvation Macy's. The second I saw it I knew it was destined for a more beautiful life. It originally was all white, but I hand painted the bottom flounce a pretty watery blue."

Then she continued, "I found a lovely thrift shop, where I immediately spotted a whole rack of fabulous antique embroidered runners, hankies and doilies." We can see those got put to use splendidly!

So my only question is WHO could wear this and get it dirty??? Not me.

Well, Janet does not have to worry since she SOLD it on her Etsy store within 5 minutes of listing it. Imagine that. To see the whole story hop on over and see the full write up in Janet's words HERE, plus there are more close up photos to inspect!

Great work Janet! You are definitely upholding the Apron Goddess spirit with sewing skills that produced this apron!

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

janet said...

Well look at me..... ;-) I believe I'm blushing! Thank you Julia.

Nesty Girl said...

What a beautiful apron! I have an old sundress I've been considering re-purposing into an apron. I know I'll never wear it again but I've been nervous to make that first cut! Now I'm feeling inspired...thanks!

Pricilla said...

It is indeed too lovely to use as a work apron!

theUngourmet said...

I think this is about the sweetest apron I've seen! I love all of the wonderful details. :)

Sue said...

Hi Julie....you have such a cute blog...thanks for stopping by mine I always love to meet new bloggers...Hope you enjoying a wonderful Mother's Day!!
Sue @ Rue Mouffetard