Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cubes of Fun for Everyone

See this guy? He was one of the 2 culprits that led me to the LEGO store (not that what they did makes it okay). Because of him and his middle brother, I found these fun ice cube trays. He and Trevor thought it would be good fun to destroy their youngest brother's LEGO man's head. Smashed it! Trashed it! Destroyed it!

When I was looking around I found these fun LEGO man ice trays. The tray is a nice blue silicone ice mold. I took them home and immediately made some ice.

As you can see, Luke is thrilled by them and can't wait to pop them in his mouth.

Up close, a little more personal.

When the ice cubes are finished I think I am going to try some juice, maybe melt some chocolate for a tasty treat in their lunch. The possibilities are endless. What will you make with your fun ice trays?

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Donna VW said...

Oh- you've got to make jello jiggles! They would be bright colors, just like lego!

My mom is a lego maniac - she uses the grandchildren as an excuse to feed her addiction. I am going to get her some for Mother's Day!

janet said...

My guys would have loved that when they younger...way cool!
maybe frozen yogurt men or molded butter for Saturday toast

theUngourmet said...

Oh my goodness! Just wait until my son sees this. He will go crazy! :D