Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jizo Statues

Hi all, Suzi here. Julia did a post a while back regarding rocks wearing white aprons. Well I found more pictures depicting the same thing. Since I found so many pictures I had to look into it. These are called Jizō statues.

According to Wikipedia:
statues are sometimes accompanied by a little pile of stones and pebbles, put there by people in the hope that it would shorten the time children have to suffer in the underworld. (The act is derived from the tradition of building stupas as an act of merit-making.) The statues can sometimes be seen wearing tiny children's clothing or bibs, or with toys, put there by grieving parents to help their lost ones and hoping that Jizō would specially protect them. Sometimes the offerings are put there by parents to thank Jizō for saving their children from a serious illness. Jizō's features are commonly made more babylike to resemble the children he protects.

As he is seen as the saviour of souls who have to suffer in the underworld, his statues are common in cemeteries. He is also believed to be the protective deity of travellers, and roadside statues of Jizō are a common sight in Japan. Firefighters are also believed to be under the protection of Jizō.

So, now you know. There is a story behind rocks wearing aprons.

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Julia said...

Finally, the answer!! I'm glad you found the real reason for the rock apron pairings.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

How cool :)

Anonymous said...

so glad to have an answer!!

Sam said...

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.. You guys know how to entertain.. and with aprons no less! I love this site. You're almost as obsessed as I am with sandwiches. LOL. Fabulous. Keri