Monday, March 8, 2010

Stepford Housewife-Apron Goddess

Julia here this morning Ladies....I would like to wish you a Gooooood Monday!!

Now give a big greeting to Carmen at Closer to Lucy who is our resident Apron Goddess for today. She has shown up wearing her favorite Halloween costume and her FAVORITE apron.

Carmen said, "I love it because my neighbor (whom I adore) made it for me." But I think one could really scare or happily surprise their husband wearing this when he came through the door. I know my dearest husband would fall on the floor in shock just seeing me in a dress....but I digress.

I must say, Carmen pulls this number off with little effort! She looks fabulous in her color coordinated polka dots and apron. And the jumbo pearls add that genuine touch of perfect accessorization! I think she has "a little" Apron Goddess attitude... Thank you Carmen for your fun photos!

You can give Carmen holler over at Closer to Lucy!!

Tomorrow a new apron giveaway is coming so stay tuned.

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