Monday, March 15, 2010

Jerky-Sweet and Spicy Yum!

Do you like to chew on some tough and rough beef jerky?

Not me! Nope!

And the Sweet & Spicy Mango Beef Jerky and Sweet & Spicy Orange Beef Jerky that came to sample from Jerky.com were perfect!

My husband Mike is a self proscribed jerky connoisseur and was available for his opinion on this product. I handed him the bags and instructed him to, "Taste away O' Spouse of Mine."

He inspected the packages and raised his eyebrows. That can only mean one thing.

He grabbed a piece of the orange flavored jerky and sniffed it. Then popped it in his mouth. The eyebrows raised higher.

"This stuff is hotter than sh**! It makes me thirsty for beer. That's a good thing for Anheuser Bush."

He kept chewing and thinking. Then he blurted out, "This jerky has the perfect chewiness of meat. I love the hint of citrus."

I also liked the citrus flavor that was subtle and not overwhelming.

Mike continued, "The meat is dry but still chewy. This texture is good. I can't stand that slimy kind of jerky and this is not in that category at all!"

He finished his evaluation with, "I love them both!"

So I guess that does it. Go buy some of this jerky from Doug over at Jerky.com . It's really the best you can get! Great tasting and genuine quality that is tough to beat! You take a look at the Sweet & Spicy Mango Beef Jerky and Sweet & Spicy Orange Beef Jerky and get some for yourself. You know you want it!