Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahrisha is an Apron Goddess in her own "Cupcake Provocateur" style Apron

This is blogger Ahrisha here with her own Cupcake Provocateur style apron that she made in tribute to the "real" thing. Initiation is the grandest form of flattery and I know that Cynthia would approve wholeheartedly of this darling creation below.

Ahrisha said, "This is an apron I made with inspiration from The Cupcake Provocateur (CP). The first time I saw her aprons on The Apron Goddesses I went crazy for this design. As you can see her aprons are much better fitting and looking than mine, but I wear it in my kitchen and just love it. I love how she edges her seams with bias tape they do look amazing. I'm a real ric rac gal so that is what I used. It is my goal to someday own a real CP apron. They are the Cat's Meow for sure!

If I won an apron from CP, I would wear it only for special dinners with my special someone. Or maybe just holidays. I have made a few aprons for myself and when I find cute printed fabric I immediately think APRON. I don't sew too much anymore but I do like to have a few aprons around."

With your ten extra entries Ahrisha, you have better odds now!!

Thank you for sending in your lovely picture.