Saturday, June 26, 2010

Join Us At The Farmer's Market . . . A Pictorial Essay

We made it to the weekend once again . . . Julia here, and there are some weeks when I wonder how it all happens. Following up on Suzi's post about her fruit devouring kids, I wanted to show and tell about our Farmer's Market.

Going to our town's Farmer's Market is always fun. I love the view of our local landmark hill that sits to the west of town. It's named for a big bull and affectionately known as "El Toro." The City just finished renovating this street to accommodate an expanded vendor area and it is nice and roomy for walking. There are two wings of the market. The 2nd aisle (not pictured) is packed and tight and it's easy to loose kids in the crowd.

I make it to the Farmer's Market about twice a month. Every other weekend seems just about right for our family. I get more seasonal fruit like peaches, apricots and cherries, then stock up on the perennially present vegetables like broccoli, onions, and carrots.

This vendor was selling beautiful cauliflower-broccoli crosses called Romanesco. It is the pointy looking head immediately adjacent to the white colored cauliflower.

Here's the Romanesco up close and personal (left side of photo).

Meandering down the market the boys were fishing around for bread bites at the baker's booth.

The fresh fruit offerings are tremendous. The cornucopia of red colored fruit is amazing and we always take home our fair share.

Another sport of the children is "taste testing" the fruit. They go into the vendors stalls and sample till they are ready to explode.

My son Wyatt, the fruit hunter, put his sights on his prey.

His cousin Adam, helping out kindly with his little cousin Ella. Ella is always saying, "Sharing is caring."

Then the flower vendors make my eyes pop with happiness seeing all the colors of the rainbow and more. The more being the sneaky kid trying to hide from the crew.

White delphinium and huge sunflowers would look great on my kitchen table . . . the only problem is how my kids accidentally knock the flowers over. Still. So, I have to wait a few more years to get flowers like this on my table.

The statues located at the Farmer's Market are historical figures waiting for the train. The tracks are located adjacent to the market so it fits in perfectly.

And of course kids must turn what is elegant and charming into filth and pestilence with their fake nose picking of the statues. Is nothing safe from our horde? I guess not.

Have a great weekend Apron Goddesses and be sure to get out to visit your local farmer's market soon. You will love it. I promise!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Pricilla said...

That's an amazing market. Our little farmer's market is very sad. There are 5 of us with booths.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Great pictures

Kelli Simone said...

I've never heard of Romanesco. Have you tried it? What does it taste like (never been a fan of cauliflower-love broccoli).

You have piqued my interest. ~ksp

Julia said...

The romanesco tastes and acts more like cauliflower with a creamier taste. I just like how it looks since it makes the most gorgeous geometric designs!

janet said...

We go to our Market every Saturday morning!

theUngourmet said...

Nice nose picking on that last one! Funny! :D Love the market pics. I wish we had broccoli and cauliflower here. Soon. :)