Friday, April 2, 2010

Leanne The Walker is an Apron Goddess

Today, I have an apronography from Leanne at Leanne...The Walker. She has sent in a photo highlighting her her breast cancer awareness apron. Leanne also writes about about cooking and life with her husband at Life as a Wife.

I really appreciate Leanne's photo below. Leanne said, "Here I am in my cute pink apron. This apron was handmade for me and has breast cancer ribbons and inspiration on it. I walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure and am a huge supporter of a world without breast cancer."

Leanne also wrote, "This apron means a lot to me because it showcases something so dear to my heart. While I love the apron, as you can see, it doesn't cover the top of me!

My husband and I cook all the time and are always making new recipes and trying new things in the kitchen. I would love an apron that provides coverage so that I don't get spaghetti sauce on my clothes! :-)"

Thanks Leanne for sharing your apron with us and thank you for your support of a great cause that all to often effects someone we know and love.