Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Bitt Of Raw is an Apron Goddess

This is Bitt at A Bitt of Raw! She has a blog to document her life and her path to better health. One big part of her path to wellness is the consumption of a raw diet rich in RAW veggies and fruits.

At her blog A Bitt of Raw, Bitt provides enumerable ways to eat healthy, conserve resources, and recycle those bits of things you may not think are useful any more.

And she even has a recent post about CHOCOLATE!!! Spicy chocolate! Bitt tells you why it's good for you too, so I suggest you find some raw in your life cause it can include goodies you thought not possible. Oh, I forgot to mention her post on Moon Pies too.

You must check it out. I MUST be craving chocolate tonight. *Sigh* and there is none to be found in my immediate vicinity.

Thanks for sending in your photo Bitt! You are a great Apron Goddess.

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Morgan said...

Oh that chocolate looks good!!!

What a pretty apron she has on too.

Persuaded said...

Well, gosh-dang-it-to-heck! I can't do the raw diet thing because osteoporosis runs in my family... seriously, both my mother and father have it. Which is a real shame, cuz you know how much I would really love to give up my homemade bread and macaroni-and-cheese and mochas in favor of vegetable juice and dry salads... YUMM-MEE!

Walk in the Woods said...

I love how bright an cheerful her apron is. It seems to mirror the smile she is also wearing.

bitt of raw said...

Thanks everyone! I love raw foods and believe me it is more than just salads. I am eating better than I have in my life! I always burned everything when i cooked so raw was a better path.

Thanks for the mention. I actually don't even own that apron it was at a catering event I was helping with. But it was a cutie.

theUngourmet said...

I have often thought of trying a RAW diet. Maybe someday. The chocolate does look amazing and Bitt is just too cute in her sweet apron! ;)

Serline said...

I am not much of an apron person, but I was touched when my son made me one when he was 6 years old. I still wear it on special occasions...