Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Apron Goddess Mindy in Gorgeous Floral!

Here is Mindy wearing a wonderful red and blue hibiscus patterned apron in a "Marilyn" style, showing that is too is a wonderful Apron Goddess.

Mindy wrote, "I love my apron and I would to have more! The are so feminine and fun! My friend Pooba got me hooked on them. My husband gave me this apron for Mother's Day. I love to bake so I where it whenever I bake and I'm pretty messy when I cook or eat so I often keep it on. It's so comfortable I end up wearing it most of the day. My husband is in the air force and monthly the wives/spouses have a get together and I'm looking forward to showing off my apron when it's my turn to host."

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Grand Pooba said...

I new that hot apron goddess looked familiar! I love that apron! Isn't she cute?!

Mindy, you totally rock that apron!

San-Dee said...

that is one gorgeous apron, if I had it I'd wear it all day too!

Walk in the Woods said...

Cool style and hot color ~ Great apron!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That is a beautiful apron and does look really comfy. Looks like a very flattering style, as well.

the ungourmet said...

That is such a darling apron! Love the colors!