Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cookless Oat and Coconut Cookies

My boy wanted to help in the kitchen today and I saw a recipe by Walk in the Woods at What I Made Today that I wanted to try. It required no oven time so we got right to work!

This recipe is called Balls of Solace over at Walk in the Woods, but I have modified the ingredients a bit and baked the oats before incorporating in the mix and changed their name a little.

Wyatt threw on his workman apron with a gusto and got right to business with mixing and stirring as directed.

While we got some of the ingredients incorporated in the big bowl, we waited for the oats to cool.

Here's the "mess" of toasted oats, coconut, butter, cocoa, sugar, and vanilla.

And after mix was pulverized and mashed into submission, we formed small balls which we rolled in powdered sugar.

The recipe for these little delicacies is:

3 cups toasted oats (place on cookie sheet at 350 degrees until browned.)
1 cup sweetened coconut
1 cup softened butter
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
6 tblspns cocoa
1 dash of salt

Mix well!!! Then mix some more.

Then roll in a topping such as powdered sugar. Walk in the Woods also suggested cinnamon and sugar or instant coffee for coatings.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

9 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Pricilla said...

How nice to have a helper!

Ms Snarky Pants said...

Mmmmmm that looks good!

Julie Harward said...

This looks so good...full of good for you things too..fun to make with kids and it looks like you had a great helper! :D

Walk in the Woods said...

YOUR - or should I say, Wyatt's - delicacies look-n-sound amazing! Needless to say, I'll be giving your variation a try - make no mistake!

Don't you just love sharing love?

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oh yum! I will take one with some coffee please :)

Terri said...

That looks fabulous! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

The Cookie Girl said...

These remind me of the chocolate oatmeal cookies that my friend makes at Christmas time.
Love your little helper!
PS. Let me know how you like those chicken fingers too.

theUngourmet said...

Way to go, Wyatt! These look delicious! I would definitely like the coffee coating. :P

Melodie said...

These look so easy and yummy! My Boy is 13, but he would probably like to make them too! He would definitely eat them!